How to choose the shaperwear you need?

There are many types of shapewear garments, and their task is to mold the body to make it look slimmer under clothing and gives a correct posture, making us look even better. A body shaper allows stylizing our figure, making silhouettes much more defined and fixing our belly to remain much flatter, emphasizing areas such as the hips or bums to gain those extra points that improve our silhouette to sight.

Between age of 18 and 23 many girls tend to gain some weight, and also with arrival of motherhood our body changes without realizing that not only our appetite increases, but also fluid retention, together with the natural weariness of this stage we can easily wallow in sedentary attitudes.

We have to keep in mind as we go through this stage how to choose the right shapewear garment that suits best your body and needs. Also as we wear them we must do it so under the frequency and care that the body we desire merits and our health really requires, if we do not keep their regular use and do not care for healthy food habits, leaving aside a diet high in sweets, fats, and above all: 0 exercise, the results can be reversed.

Many friends that wear shapewear garments told us that due to not having the necessary attitude and care with all these elements exposed, had the same conclusion at the end of the week: to return to their garments and know how to choose them properly.

It is not the same to buy a garment destined for beauty or for rehabilitation after surgery or even to wear in case of muscle pain, such as back pain.
We present here our recommendations when choosing the right shapewear garments to best suit your body:

  1. Choose one according to your size; selecting a smaller size generates discomforts as shortness of breath or gastroesophageal reflux, as well as skin marks.
  2. Prefer elastic shapewear which facilitate correct posture and mobility in physical activity.
  3. Purchase those with (aluminum or plastic) rods where little movement is required in cases of postoperative.
  4. If you are a tall girl look for shirt- type garment, ideal for shaping the abdomen and keeping your back straight.
  5. An ideal shape garment is manufactured in microfiber fabric, but inside should be cotton, to prevent from causing skin itching.
  6. If your problem is your tummy you should not wear shape garments at the waist, but even below the bra.
  7. When trying before purchase, ideal shapewear should be that leaves no marks under your clothes and still make you feel comfortable without wanting to take them off.


Modern Shapewear technology is moving fast into styles that feel soft, comfortable while they do their work to shape our figure, giving us the ̈Perfect figure ̈ we want. As a piece of compression it should be tied, but also comfortable for us all!

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