How to Get a Flat Stomach using Shapewear

Shapewear garments are one of the most popular products to maintain a perfect figure that are nowadays in the market, becoming a lucrative business for the manufacturers, distributors and boutiques. But we can they really help us get and keep a flat stomach? Does fat the body shaper work to lose weight and burn?

Before having the experience of using one of our garments, Many of our PERFECT FIGUR friends may have doubts about myths around shapewear, and too many statements with little scientific basis.

We can find shapewear garments of very different materials but the most common are the strips of Neoprene. What Neoprene basically does is to provide heat in the area where the belt comes into contact with skin and prevents it to transpire normally. As a direct result of this and if you’ve tried any shapewear of this type, you may have noticed that when you take off the belt both the fabric and skin are soaked in sweat. With shapewear garments we sweat more, but do we really lose weight, do we get a flat belly from simply sweating?

Faced with many questions and discussions among ourselves the medical answer is no, shapewear apart from molding our figure it does not burn fat itself but it only makes us sweat and to lose fluid from our esteemed body when exorcising (which will recover as soon as we hydrate), lose minerals (which is not so good) and certain toxins from the skin are also expelled, (that is the good part) so, we recommend always to hydrate well during exercise, but the “excess of beauty” will remain stay there until it`d be reduced by a healthy diet and habits on which we recommend:

  1. Eliminate carbohydrates rice or turkey breast with spinach at dinner, ah but take care from those tasty sauces! Do not eat potatoes, pancakes and specially that ̈happy meal ̈, this food produce much fat after eating. Eat more protein like chicken breast, fish and less carbohydrates, it is highly recommended to keep a regimen of eggs and fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and fish with rice or turkey breast with spinach at dinner, ah but take care from those tasty sauces!
  2. Drink lots of water. You need to drink two liters of water daily. Avoid beverages containing gas, they produce swelling. You should lean over green tea as many famous are now doing, this will help you lose more abdominal fat!.
  3. Always eat slowly. If you are the type of girl who eats like being in a race you should know that eating food fast makes you digest not well and to have sudden feelings of hungrier. A wrong way of eating is one of the major mistakes.
  4. Exercise. Take at least two hours of aerobics or dance (Salsa Casino is very popular these days) we know that with everyday activities and obligations it is difficult to treat us at least 1 hour of care and attention to our body, but the figure that wish well surely deserve it!



We can say with pleasure that it is the combined use of our PERFECT FIGUR shapewear garment and a healthy diet supplemented with invigorating physical activity, that our body will have those curves and silhouette that will make us have the look so desire!

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