Shapewear at bedtime?

Shapewear garments have become very popular products to shape up, mould our bodies and lose weight. Although there is a strong argument as to use them beyond daylight hours this can pose a risk to health.

However, many people ignore this and prefer to sleep with them in an effort to improve their appearance. If you or someone you know has ever come to sleep with shapewear garments, it is important to take into account some reasons and recommendations for choosing otherwise.

• It is advisable to use light and loose clothing to sleep. While you sleep, it is important that your body is free of pressures to regenerate cells and even to release through pores those you no longer need. A girdle will not let you have the necessary mobility when lying in bed.

• You can get upsetting stomach aches. Due to compression of the garments onto the abdomen, the stomach could receive more pressure than necessary, causing problems such as constipation, heartburn or gas. And it is not desirable to wake up in the morning resenting some of these problems, which can last throughout the day.

• Doing this doesn ́t help you to have a flatter stomach only by itself. Those who insist on sleeping with a girdle on mistakenly believe they are doing the right things to show off a toned abdominal area. The truth is that you need more than only sleeping uncomfortably to strengthen stomach muscles and burn excess of fat, it is a balance of good nutrition, exercise and disciplined use of shapewear garments.

• Sleeping with girdles affects your circulation. One of the the mayor downsides of shapewear when sleeping is that they interrupt blood from flowing properly due to our position in bed, leaving marks on the skin and circulatory problems.

• The skin needs to breathe so you can miscarry the process of cell regeneration, and a tight garment used day and night, is an obstacle to achieve it.

A girdle may well be a great tool for weight loss and especially to shape our figure, highlight our curves and make us look like we want and we feel, but in itself it is not healthy to use in times where our body needs rest. It is required to carry out a every-day a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, not to skip meals and exercise to maintain our silhouette or to lose weight, and over all, keeping realistic goals while not believing we can lose many kilos in a trice. Everything takes time to achieve the best results and when dealing with our body, keeping it healthy and comfortable for us!.