Tips for using you sport garments at the Gyn

Before choosing your figure modelling garment, research and get to know about sizes and qualities of each item. When used, it is important to check it is comfortable and when close it molds to your waiste the silhouette you want!

At the Gyn environment many girls can affirm you that they have found it effective to use waist garments, but they would not have the same effect if they didn’t keep a nurturing plan and regular exercise, and knowing how to effectively and conveniently wear their PERFECT FIGUR garment.

Sports garments are made of high quality materials and heavy duty stitching designed and manufactured in such a way as not to interrupt your natural mobility and to press organs in the abdominal area, important key points during sports activities wearing high compression fabric garments that have integrated shaping functionality for moulding the body figure.

Long ago, Women had to wear suspenders to keep the form below their sportswear, which was very uncomfortable. This important and particular need was studied and satisfied by due to developing experience on materials used by PERFECT FIGUR.

While performing your favourite sport wearing any of your PERFECT FIGUR garments is important to ensure that the body remains with sufficient ventilation to avoid overheating by given physical activity, although we know that you want to remove some “Beauty Excess” that we all ever go through, we must pay close attention to keep up our health.

Wearing our sport garment in addition to mould our body helps increase the temperature on the abdominal area, causing to increased blood flow and consequently a fluid transport adipocytes, but we must always wear them without abusing our body! Give time some room for your figure to become that body you dream about, but do not overdo it!

Slowly, tenaciously and knowing the proper use of your garment PERFECT FIGUR you will achieve to mold your figure and reduce your measures, while taking care of your health and looking like you love to!

During sports practices (and even during those days that we treat ourselves) a balanced diet will allow us to build our figure healthily from within, and well garment use should always be present!

There are many exercises that allow you to be fit, but to get a greater benefit, or just to feel better, you should use the most suitable clothes for each type of physical activity. People not only want to look good during exercise, but before and after. People increasingly do not changed when they leave the gym, so PERFECT FIGUR presents a comfortable, effective and sophisticated garment to wear that is becoming increasingly popular among athletes, gyn partners as well as boutiques and fitness centers to sale.


Today, there are many trends, and one of them is that sport is having a merge with fashion that you can see in fabrics, colors and fibers, so PERFECT FIGUR takes care through their designs that you not only achieve your goal to shape your figure effectively and healthily, but also make you feel good and assured that you’re wearing a garment that goes with your personality and style!

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